Pointhouse talks about its sustainability process at Italian Green.

Italian Green. Viaggio nell'Italia sostenibile, is the television programme devised by Gianluigi Polisena, which tells stories of Italian companies that are dedicating themselves to Ecological Transition with courageous and innovative choices. "To make a table, you need wood, but also metal, wood... and then four chairs don't we want to put them there?". This is exactly how Pointhouse's speech began in the first episode aired on Saturday 16 September on Rai2. For this occasion, Pointhouse opened the doors of its production facilities and, giving voice to the very people who founded the company 35 years ago, talked about its vision on the theme of environmental and social sustainability, values inherent in the company's DNA since its foundation.
In the second talk on Saturday 23 September, the brand talked about one of its most recent projects 'Una Tipa Speciale' in the company of the special women who accompanied our T!PA chair campaign.

Pointhouse's participation in this TV programme was an important opportunity to share with a wider audience its sustainable initiatives and the vision it inspires in product design, with a special focus on environmental and social concerns.

If you missed the episodes, see below our interviews.