A SPECIAL TIPA - Giulia Lamarca

UNA TIPA SPECIALE: Giulia Lamarca, my limits are my opportunities.

The 'Una Tipa Speciale' campaign presents its fourth protagonist: Giulia Lamarca.

A blogger who, after an accident that forced her into a wheelchair, discovered her vocation: travelling. Since then, she has become a writer, travel blogger and mother, without ever stopping. In fact, travelling for personal pleasure has become a real travel blogging activity to be documented on social networks. This sincere narration of everyday life and parenthood helps us understand how we can overcome boundaries and stereotypes that seemed insurmountable. Through 'Una Tipa Speciale' project, we had the privilege of sharing her unique story and highlighting her contribution to the community. Her voice amplified the message that diversity is strength, and that the courage to embrace one's uniqueness can inspire and change the world.

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