For us sustainability is more than designing and developing a product, it consists of many small everyday choises addressed to the community and territory. An important step was the creation of a company forest called Boskét, in which 43 trees from 15 different species absorb more than 10,000 kg of CO2 emissions per year from the industrial plant. The forest is a place that not only has the purpose of absorbing emissions, but is above all a gathering place for our company employees. This project was conceived and curated by GREEN HANDS, group of people in our company who have the will to develop and implement initiatives related to a green attitude and respect for the environment.
As part of the Green Hands group's initiatives, two electric car recharging stations have been installed in the car parks in front of company entrances. Available to customers, suppliers and collaborators, these recharging stations allow 4 cars to be recharged at the same time, offering an extra service and a gesture for the protection of the environment and the planet. In addition to this, we proudly report other ecological actions carried out in recent years, such as the integration of additional solar panels to produce clean energy, the positioning of water dispensers in the break areas, the installation of water based in the company, and the installation in the Boskét of three beehives for the production of honey to be given as gifts to customers and collaborators.