Pointhouse find its roots and history in that industrious and agricultural Veneto Region which has known how to develop and establish itself at a global level.

Industrious, determined, generous, attached to traditions, to values, to family people.

Thanks to these preconditions, we have grew and developed, building on those values who see the person as key success factor, point of interest and main feature of the company where we work and the territory where we live. Today our factories are covering an indoor area of more than 14.000 m2. We are widespread in Italy and in more than 40 countries all over the world.


We see improvement as a natural evolution of our actions.

Our wish is to influence positively  the place where we operate, the life of the people who cooperate with us and our country of origin, improving the wellness of all them. We express this through a labour culture aimed to sustainable development and human values, which promote the respect of people and of the place where we live, believing in the realization of a best future for everyone.


Pointhouse manufactures tables, chairs and furnishing accessories with product lines exclusively dedicated to retail world. Since 30 years we can unify our big technical knowledge in the study and application of steel, aluminium and pressmolding to combinate them with different types of materials. Thanks to the important work done in the Research and Development area, we develop piece of furniture which match design, quality and functionality. Our production site, headquarter and our different production departments is located in Italy. Our capillary distribution network is distributed in the entire national territory and in the major export markets.


Pointhouse pays specific attention to the environmental respect as one of the fundamental principles of its industrial philosophy. This awareness increases during the years, and it is revealed by a particular attention for energy consumption, materials selection and control of production stages, both inside the companies and at the suppliers, in order to guarantee a long-lasting quality for the products.


Since 30 years, Eureka is able to satisfy the requirements of its customers, providing concrete solutions and creating new projects that are having success in many countries of the world. The Eureka establishments extend in a surface of 13.000 meters square, with an estimated annual production of nearly 13 million units, using more than 900 tons of aluminum. Every day our Logistic Department organizes national and international shipments in over 40 countries of the world. Eureka products are innovative, competitive and certified, characterized by the unique Italian design.